Embed/Comm Simulation Software


Embed/Comm is a Windows® program for system level modeling and simulation of end-to-end communication systems at the physical layer.
It provides fast and accurate solutions for analog, digital and mixed-mode communication system designs.

Embed/Comm includes an extensive library of modulators, FEC blocks, channel models, filters, PLLs, and distortion-true RF blocks.
Visualization features include spectrum plots, eye diagrams, phase scatter plots, BER curves, and more...

Engineers at leading comm equipment manufacturers are using Embed/Comm to decrease design cycle time, minimize hardware prototyping, and build better products.

Rapid Prototyping
Users of Embed/Comm can quickly model end-to-end communication systems at the physical layer for rapid prototyping or academic purposes.

Hierarchical Design
Individual blocks can be easily grouped into compound blocks that represent subsystems, resulting in enhanced diagram organization.

Embedded Blocks
Design teams can now collaborate on complex models by linking sub-systems in a master diagram to multiple external Embed/Comm files.

Faster Design Cycles
Embed/Comm helps engineers decrease the design cycle time, reduce hardware prototyping and build better products.

Signal Visualization
A variety of output plot options allows immediate visualization of simulation results and intermediate signals at any stage of the comm system chain:

  • Time Domain Plots  &  Spectrum Plots
  • •Eye Diagrams  &  Phase Scatter Plots
  • •Filter Response Viewer
  • ••BER Curves

Distortion True RF Blocks
Embed/Comm simulates non-linear distortion in amplifiers and other RF blocks, including IP2, IP3, and 1 dB compression effects.

Complex Envelope
Embed/Comm supports lowpass equivalent models, providing users with the means to significantly reduce the computation load required to perform most comm simulation tasks.

User Blocks
A DLL Wizard lets users easily expand the block set by writing custom functions in C.

Technical Specs

Modeling Highlights
• Hierarchical diagram design
• 200+ Comm and Math functions
• Drag-and-drop diagram construction
• Analog, Digital, Mixed-mode designs
• Vector and Matrix operations
• Complex Envelope representation
• Wizard for creating C custom blocks
• Distortion true RF elements
• Phase Locked Loops
• Filter design support

Simulation Highlights
• Global Variables
• Multirate capability
• Matlab interface for .MAT and .M files
• View results immediately during a run
• Mathcad interface
• Extensive array of visualization tools
• Context sensitive help
 System Requirements
• Pentium 4 or later
• Win 10/8/Vista/XP

Block Categories
VisSim/Comm includes dedicated blocks for all of the following categories.

Complex Math
Encoder & Decoders
•Fixed Point Blocks
Multirate Support
Phase Locked Loops (PLL)
RF Elements
Signal Sinks
Signal Sources
Vector Operators

•For a complete listing of Embed/Comm blocks and full technical specifications please contact our sales team