Wireless LAN

The WLAN Blocks provide simulation and modeling support for:

• Bluetooth
• 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g (Wi-Fi)
• •Ultrawideband (UWB)

Highlights include support for the following modulation formats:

• Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
• Frequency Hopping

Technical Specs

WLAN Block Listing

The following Wireless blocks are included in Embed/Comm:

GFSK Modulator, Bluetooth Hopping Pattern Generator, Shortened Hamming Encoder/Decoder, Bluetooth Data Scrambler/Descrambler

•General Support
Frequency Hopping Block

Barker Sequence, CCITT CRC-16, Descrambler, GFSK (2 and 4 level), Low Rate Hop Pattern Generator, Scrambler

Data Scrambler/Descrambler, Convolutional Encoder, Puncture (Encoding), Interleaver, Depuncture (Decoding), Viterbi Decoder, OFDM Pilot Mapper, OFDM Modulator (Scalar and Vector versions), OFDM Demodulator (Scalar and Vector versions), OFDM Pilot Demapper




DBPSK / DQPSK Modulator, CCK Modulator, CCK Demodulator, High Rate Hop Pattern Generator

•Ultrawideband (UWB)
UWB Pulse Generator, Gated Integrate & Dump, UWB PPM Modulator, Poisson Arrival Process, Saleh-Valenzuela Indoor Channel


For a complete listing of Embed/Comm WLAN blocks and full technical specifications please refer to the PDF data sheet