January 2023

qBeam’s announces the release of its fade-tolerant free-space optical modem for optical communications.

The unit includes an SFP+ socket connection for linking to the client's optical telescope.

The modem supports GigE and 2.5 GigE links, and provides unsurpassed FSOC link performance through a custom fade-tolerant forward error correction (FT-FEC) mode.

The modem comes with a companion APD receiver module, which can accept either a single-mode or multi-mode fiber connection.

February 2017

qBeam’s announces the release of its high resolution Micro Etching Assembly for marking applications in the scientific, medical, asset tracking, security and industrial fields.

The device supports marking on a variety of material surfaces, from metals to plastics.  This assembly can reduce the burden of tagging or marking components for inventory or other purposes.

The unit  includes an embedded small form-factor PC, which reduces desktop space and allows for additional unit customization.

Summer 2016

qBeam’s announces the release of its upgraded SWIR multi-spectral camera.

This latest offering provides increased resolution and opens up new opportunities in the scientific, medical, security and industrial inspection fields.

A unique dichroic prism architecture enables low optical insertion loss in each channel, while maintaining the original high resolution from each internal sensor.  The camera's design supports a variety of UDT Sensor’s Unlimited sensors, providing  unique imaging and sensing capabilities in the SWIR band.