qBeam Launches Innovative Free Space Optical Communications Modem

New Fade Tolerant Product Delivers Improved Stability, Reliability, and Performance Over Traditional Optical Modems

LEESBURG, VA, February 15, 2023 – qBeam, Inc. (qBeam), a leader in the development of groundbreaking optical products and simulation and modeling software, today announced the general availability of its new free space optical communications (FSOC) modem.  The qBeam FSOC modem includes features and functionality that maximize the benefits of FSOC technology while overcoming the challenges that have hampered its adoption.

FSOC offers a lower cost alternative to fiber optic and other communications options for terrestrial and space-ground networks.  The technology has failed to gain traction because legacy FSOC modems do not adequately account for atmospheric conditions that can impact communications.  These solutions suffer from a limited operational range and/or data throttling that unacceptably slows speeds yet still does not fully account for deep optical fades.

The qBeam FSOC modem works differently.  It includes forward error correction tailored to the optical channel and a fade tolerant mode that provides end-to-end protection for transmitted data and avoids the need to adjust data rates to overcome atmospheric challenges.  As a result, the qBeam FSOC modem supports longer ranges and higher data rates, delivering unsurpassed stability, reliability, and performance versus traditional FSOC solutions.

The plug-and-play qBeam modem integrates seamlessly with existing optical terminals to rapidly deliver these and other advantages to infrastructures already in place.  It works with traditional gigabit Ethernet (GigE) networks, supporting both GigE and 2.5 GigE client connections via a standard RJ-45 or SFP+ interface.  qBeam is actively seeking relationships with optical terminal manufacturers to make it even easier for customers to quickly deploy a more holistic FSOC solution.

“For too long, FSOC technology suffered from untapped potential, leaving government and commercial entities with a variety of underwhelming, unsatisfactory choices to best support their terrestrial and ground-space communications requirements,” said Eugene Estinto, qBeam’s President and CEO.  “Our innovative FSOC modem unlocks that potential with a compelling, easy-to-use product that immediately proves its value and changes the landscape for our customers.”

Even prior to its official release, U.S. government and commercial customers have purchased the qBeam FSOC modem to address their communications needs.  Others can do so today.

About qBeam, Inc.

Formed in 2014 and headquartered in Leesburg, VA, qBeam Inc. develops optical/laser products and simulation and modeling software for communication links.  The company designs and manufactures innovative free space optical (FSO) modems, multi-spectral infrared cameras, laser etching/ablation systems, and optical range simulators.  It also authored the Embed/Comm physical layer communication simulation software addon.  For more information about our technology company and products, please visit www.qbeaminc.com.

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